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BRB: Over 1,000,000 Mildly Entertained

Back on January 22, 2007, Battle Red Blog officially opened for business with this post by Scott. Prior to putting out this Texans shingle for SB Nation, Scott (he does exist...I'm almost sure of it) and I putzed around here, spouting ludicrous opinions about various Houston and/or Texas-based sports. H-Town Sports was Scott's brainchild, and he was foolish enough to invite me along for the ride. We found that we enjoyed blogging, even if no one was reading. Which is good, because no one was reading.

Little did we know that our spiteful rantings during the nightmarish 2-14 campaign in 2006 would catch the attention of Brad at Stampede Blue, who asked us if we'd be interested in joining SB Nation as their Texans blog. We accepted, and now, about three and a half years, one winning season, and multiple Zima jokes later, BRB has surpassed 1,000,000 unique visits. Thank-yous after the jump.

1. First and foremost, BRB wouldn't be anything without everyone who reads and comments. A sincere thank you to everyone who's ever passed through this corner of the internet, even if it was only a fleeting visit. The most monstrous thank you of all to all of you who keep coming back and make this community what it is. BRB is what it is because of the interaction between Texans fans, and I can't thank you all enough for keeping it fun to do.

2. Big thanks to Scott for starting this experiment with me. Even though his move to Kentucky may as well have been Amelia Earhart flying to Howland Island, BRB wouldn't have gotten off the ground without him.

3. Thanks to SOLIS and marroncito for coming aboard as contributors in March of 2008. They've both joined Scott in the Bermuda Triangle of the Texans blogosphere, but their contributions were key to keeping this place up and running.

4. Thanks to Jake for being an outstanding cohort and co-captain as well. Here's hoping Jake's writing again real soon.

5. Muchas gracias to the current crop of BRB managers and writers. Kerns, DreKeem, BFD, Rivers, MDC, TGC, and guys keep it fun, and I'm continually floored by the quality of your insight. Thanks for everything you do.

6. Finally, thanks to Dave Halprin, Brad, and the rest of SB Nation for providing support, answers, opportunity, and the platform for BRB. Say what you will about BBS, but he's the one who first found Scott and I over at H-Town Sports, and I'm grateful for that.

Here's to the next million. Let's do it again.