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Jay Glazer: I Talked To Brian Cushing

As many Texans fans know, Brian Cushing has spent a significant part of the offseason in MMA workouts headed by Jay Glazer and Randy Couture. When word broke yesterday that Cushing had been suspended for four games in connection with violating the NFL's banned substances policy, Glazer took to his Twitter account:

I'm waiting to hear from him but as u can imagine I'm absolutely furious. I wanna hear his side b4 I say anything. Right now tho I'm livid
Yes, livid about Cushing. Randy Couture and I have a pretty strict policy against cheaters. I need to hear from Brian b4 we make judgment

It appears that Glazer has now spoken to Cushing about the positive test. Details after the jump...

From Glazer's Twitter feed:

I just talked to cushing. He said he flunked a random test during the season and insists it was for a non-steroidal banned substance
He said he was sure he'd win the appeal and was stunned he lost. Was pretty adamant he didn't fail for a steroid.

None of that changes the penalty or the effect it could have on the Texans, of course. But it does confirm that Cushing failed the test during the 2009 season, and it appears Cushing is taking the position that the banned substance wasn't a steroid. Do either of these developments change the way you look at what's transpired so far?

Yeah, me neither.