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Jakespeare's Found Poetry: Worktime

I'm back damn it

Have u ever got up for work in the a.m.

and the moon is still out

a full moon at dat

damn how much I love my job!

I'm I10 headed east

Dis gone be houston year

watch and see

I think u the only friend I have

who look like a 5'6 ferby


Get on my diet

ull be straight


Grilled shrimp and chicken salad

mane hold up

Boy u for one dont need know damn carbs



ding ding

round one

Workout down

PX 90




Round 2

ding ding

Is pig pussy pork? 


Dats a myth


ok we show pic

ok ok

And look who is the judge

cookie monster

Sittin in dis locker

Breakfast club did it again..


Ok its official

when rando hit trae balls...its a rap

we go way back

like 4 flats on a cadillac

Aww lord...

I'm up from da nap

I'm playing spades

and I'm kickin some old school cats

from herman park ass

I'm 9th ward baby