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SB Nation Houston Launch: Champp's At 5 P.M.!

The end of the work day is fast approaching. You're thirsty. You're hungry. You're thirsty. You're dying to talk Texans/Rockets/Astros/Houston sports with like-minded fans. And not over the internet like some sort of socially awkward dork usual. Face-to-face, just like your ancestors used to do it.

You're in luck, my friend. SB Nation is hosting an event to celebrate the launch of SB Nation Houston, and you're invited. RSVP here, and come to Champp's from 5 to 8 p.m. You'll enjoy (1) a George Washington off all drafts, liquors, and glass wines; (2) half-price appetizers; and most importantly, (3) the opportunity to be woefully disappointed when you see what several BRBers, including but not limited to Rivers, Kerns, and I, look like sports talk. Plus, I'm told James Casey, Robert Reid, David Nuño, and who knows who else will be there. It's gonna be big-time.

Join us. It'll be a good time. Or it won't, and you can drown your sorrows at a fully-stocked bar. Either way, live a little.