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SB Nation Houston Launched And Now Reviewed

You may have read something somewhere about a launch party for SB Nation Houston last night. Those of us who attended were fortunate enough to be treated to free drinks and food, and the understatement of the year may well be that it's safe to say a good time was had by all.

It was a blast getting to meet so many people who make BRB the tremendous community it is. Special thanks to chrisd21, Texans-Brocos, Robertpz, Salad, Nuño, Raheel, James Casey, Robert Reid, Kerns, Rivers, and everyone else whose names I can't recall (whiskey, you are a foul temptress) for making it out. Additionally, I really enjoyed getting to meet the minds behind the The Dream Shake and SBNH. Great people all.

The fun of events like last night only underscores the idea that BRB should be doing more of these kinds of meet-ups. If schedules permit, I'd be game for putting together a get-together once the preseason starts. What say the group?  And feel free to leave your impressions of last night's extravaganza in the Comments below.