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Changing The Game: David Carr To Matt Schaub


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I've been thinking lately. Odd in and of itself, I know. Specifically, I've been thinking about how your Houston Texans have changed since the inaugural season of 2002. Perhaps there's been no bigger change than at the QB position (although the seismic shifts in some other facets, such as Dom Capers to Gary Kubiak or Charley Casserly to Rick Smith, do deserve mention and perhaps even a detailed post in the near future). Texans fans were subjected to five (5!) years of David Carr, with the occasional cameo by Tony Banks/Dave Ragone/Sage Rosenfels, from 2002-2006. Then, on March 21, 2007, Smithiak acquired Matt Schaub from the Falcons.

Two days later, David Carr was looking for a new home.

This post is not to lambast David Carr. His career as an NFL QB is what it is, and even the most ardent Carr apologist cannot, with a straight face, blame the Texans for all of Carr's shortcomings anymore. Even if you lend some credence to the notion that the Texans didn't protect their investment they way they should have (e.g., the much beloved and flawed "HE NEVER HAD AN OFFENSIVE LINE!" argument frequently trumpeted by people who didn't watch Zoolander under center every week), there's more than enough ammo in the proverbial criticism cannon to demonstrate that Carr's ruin, real or imagined, was at least partially by Carr's own gloved hand.

No, the purpose of this post is twofold. First, appreciate the understated greatness that is Matt Schaub. Second, I ask you: Is the upgrade from David Carr to Matt Schaub on par with the biggest upgrades at the QB position in NFL history? Greater than, less than, or equal to what the Colts got going from Jim Harbaugh to Peyton Manning? Greater than, less than, or equal to what the Saints got going from Aaron Brooks to Drew Brees? If you've got any other examples, I'd love to hear 'em--as well as your answer to the question--in the Comments below.