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Battle Red Blog And Present The Jonathan Wells Memorial League


In the beginning (i.e., 2002), the NFL created the Texans, and they were awful. Oh sure, they beat the Cowboys, but they were filled with mediocre players, as most expansion teams are. Our eyes, so joyous at the thought of football returning to Houston, didn't even mind that Jonathan Wells crashed into the line of scrimmage 197 times at only 2.7 yards per attempt. It was football, and for many years, football had been a fantasy to us.

We have already started creating fantasy leagues for next year on Battle Red Blog, as we are Texans, and football runs through our veins year round. I count no fewer than three leagues started in FanPosts in the last month, and we are still another month and change of time before training camp even opens, so I can see you thinking "Eh, another league, I'll pass." I realize that the competition for your league slot is a little stiff, and I also realize that it is a bit uncomfortable using a website that you are unfamiliar with (I personally have always used Yahoo! as my jumping page, so playing there is always natural to me) since there's the off-chance that you just forget to go there as it's not a normal part of your schedule.

Let me present you with two facts that will hopefully change the opinion I just told you to have.

1) I plan to create a Fantasy Football Commissioner league that is much different from the rest of the leagues you play. By the time we have our draft in August, I'm sure you'll know exactly what running backs you like best at the end of the first round and what fifth round sleeper you're going to jump on. It's fun, but at some point you've got it figured out to where you're not on your toes anymore and you can sleepwalk through the draft. Not so much here, where I've created a league loosely based on Football Outsiders' Loser League. Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to create a roster of the worst NFL players who actually start and play. Will you pounce on a steady bad veteran like Jake Delhomme, or will you entrust your season in the hands of potential badness, like Sam Bradford? It's all up to you. However, if your player doesn't play, you are docked points.

My theory is that things tend to even out, so while we talk up this league of awful players all season, perhaps this site can be balanced by talking about a good real football team that is knocking the gee-whiz out of the AFC South. Or at least thats my hope. It's all brought to you by, who are willing to offer you a 50% discount as a SB Nation reader to switch your league over to them, and also by the memory of Jonathan Wells steadfastly running into a wall of his own offensive linemen.

2) What if I told you that bragging rights will go up right on Battle Red Blog? Yes, there will be a widget on site that will show results and standings from the league. Marvel at how good your bad players are doing right on the website, or if you are like Salad, look at them right from your cell phone! You're a busy man, after all! I've also been charged with writing a weekly update on the league, so if you've ever wanted to hear me say condescendingly nice things about you while your team loses, this is your lucky day! My default compliment is that you smell nice, but I can dig deeper if I have to!



I'm going to go with a maximum of 14 teams in this league, first come, first serve. Asides from all authors and site personnel (added for BFD, as he rarely authors) being guaranteed a spot in the league if they want it. If you are interested in joining up and chasing the Get Lost Looser Trophy, please comment on this post WITH YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS (don't worry, I won't put you on any lists, feel free to list it as blahblahblah -AT- if you're worried about being targeted). First however many minus me and the authors will get the invites.

And hey, while you're at it, why don't you high rollers plop down some cash and get in on's Fantasy Football Commissioner League offer for your own dedicated leagues? SBNation and have partnered up to get you 50% off the normal price if you sign up through our link. offers a ton of intriguing tools and impeccably accurate live scoring. If you are running a long-term keeper league, they offer options to input salaries to players, the ability to trade draft picks, and all sorts of useful little side options like archived historical data. If you're simply looking for more customizable stat categories, then lets you choose from such obscurity as "Yards Lost On Sacks" (David Carrs), "Targets", and "Passes Defensed," along with a multitude of other more traditional and useful stats. They don't have "Halfback Passes Intercepted" or "Game Tying Field Goals Shanked" yet, but maybe some day soon!

So if you want your league run by professionals with a lot of experience and a deep reservoir of features, options and customizable settings, use our sign up link and get right to it for your 50% off on's Fantasy Football Commissioner League. Or don't. But if you don't, this convenient post might have been a sign from above that you'll look back on one day when your league is in shambles. "Why didn't I pick the league when I had the 50% discount?" you'll say, sobbing on the streets, evicted from your apartment after your credit rating is shot by being so poor at fantasy football commissioning. Okay, probably not. But hey, you'll have to do something today after you drop dad off, and it might as well be setting up your fantasy league. is an SB Nation partner and paying sponsor of the SB Nation football communities.

This post is one of a series of sponsor endorsed posts related to the Fantasy Football Commissioner League.