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Ready For A 2011 Mock Draft?

The fellas at NFL Mocks are, and they've got their first mock of the 2011 NFL Draft up. Premature? Yes. Still something Texans fans would want to read? Also yes, for two reasons I'll touch on after the jump.

1. They simulated the 2010 NFL schedule, and they've got your Houston Texans sporting a record of 11-5. If that happens...that would not suck. At all.

2. If you're still not sold on a potential guard tandem of Kasey Studdard and Antoine Caldwell, you're probably giddy about the notion of Justin Boren, who they've got rated as the top-ranked guard prospect in the draft, becoming a Texan in April of 2011.

There is, of course, the minor matter of completing the 2010 season first. Here's to 11-5.