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Jakespeare's Fuh Real Tweet O' Da Last Few Days Dat Make U Say "LMAO Dog!"

The series continues.


Much like Kris Kross, context and discussion will make you Jump! Jump!

JJ's Tweet came after he overheard some people discussing whether dinosaurs were still alive.  The archaeologists in JJ's circle of friends are apparently not that sharp.  Their conversation, however, is awesome assuming JJ transcribed it correctly.

First of all, I love that JJ considers a conversation about dinosaurs peeing on fire hydrants to be "deep."  Rumor has it that he also considers "paper or plastic" to be the greatest existential dilemma of our time.

There's also a great argument trump card in that Tweet for anyone who wants to use it.  No matter what you are arguing about, pulling "well I saw ____ peeing on a fire hydrant" is sure to win the debate, either because it will establish your premise or because it will confuse your opponent so thoroughly as to render him* speechless.  Either way, you get the last word, which you can chalk up as a win.  Bonus points awarded if you actually did see that thing peeing on a fire hydrant.


*I say "him" because Lord knows there is nothing that can render a woman** speechless.

**Unless you count ether.