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Fake Application: The BRB Questionnaire

Alright, bear with me a minute, fellow Texan fans. I just have to fill out this little questionnaire for Tim, and then we will get down to business. He said it shouldn't take too long. I just got to bold the answers so he knows where my mental state is before I get sucked even further down the rabbit hole. We'll put in a jump though so I don't lose approval at the start.

1) Do you believe in Smithiak?
A) Yes.
B) No, but I really mean yes.
D) Only if he trades for Vince Young.

2) 2006 NFL Draft, the Texans...
A) Made the right choice cause Mario Williams is a beast.
B) Reggie Bush just won a Super Bowl! We could've done the same!
C) Two words, Tennessee style: Vince Young. Just. Wins. Games.
D) I love fat DTs, so Haloti Ngata was my man.

3) Mike just wrote a post suggesting that Owen Daniels won't be on the roster in 2011. He sounds a bit negative. You...
A) Call Mike a hater.
B) Encourage Mike to drink the Battle Red Kool-Aid.
C) Shrug your shoulders and do nothing.
D) Offer Mike a ride to Ben Tate's house to cheer him up.

4) Your alcoholic choice of preference is....
A) Coors Light.
B) Zima.
C) The BRB Special - 1/2 Zima and 1/2 Coors Light with a dash of Johnnie Walker (Deep Steel) Blue.
D) Bleach.

5) Your favorite non-BRB SB Nation Personality is...
A) Jonathan Loesche - The LA Jaguars #1 fan.
B) Big Blue Shoe - Brian Cushing's #1 fan.
C) SSReporters - Brian Russell's #1 fan.
D) August West - Cause he loves Vince Young too!

6) Your favorite BRBer is...
A) Tim - the snuggly, wuggly teddy bear
B) bigfatdrunk Tim - the alcohol connoisseur
C) riversmcown Tim - the newly minted best beat-writer in Texans history
D) Mike Kerns Tim - the hardest working man in the Texans blogosphere
E) MDC Tim - The man who drops knowledge like a librarian with Parkinson's.

7) You will write....
A) Non-stop about the need for a fat DT.
B) Poems about Trinidon Holliday and his awesome speed.
C) Odes to the glory that is Tight Ends.
D) Letters demanding admittance into the Jacoby Jones School of Language at Texas Tech Community College University.

8) You will demand....
A) More Halfback passes.
B) More TEs.
C) More drafted Texas Longhorns.
D) A trade to bring back Dunta Robinson.

9) The Texans just went 3-and-out on their first drive. You...
A) Applaud and say "Nice try, boys."
B) Rip Kubiak and say you could've called better plays.
C) Curl into the fetal position and say "We're doomed. Dooooooomed."
D) Wish the QB would've pulled a VY, ignored the playcalls, and scrambled for touchdowns.

10) Never...
A) Say Tim was wrong.
B) Get between bfd and Jordann.
C) Forget to post a Weekly Round-Up without a cheerleader.
D) Bad-mouth Patrick Willis.

Now that I finished that, I have to say it's a bit odd to write something for the front page as a staff writer. Odd, but awesome - just like BRB on a daily basis. Tim, I have to thank you for the opportunity to jump in and play here. Hopefully, I'll get my writing up to snuff or may Tim Tebow have mercy on my soul.

My main goal is to just continue to add to the colorful posts on BRB and get the conversation going. I've written up posts and comments backing up Dunta, dissing on OD, and painting Ryan Mathews as a third-rounder so I don't have to say I may write things that go against the grain...even though I just did. Darn.

Alright, that's about it for now. Thanks again for the opportunity, Tim, and hopefully we'll all get to write Zima-fueled posts about the BEST SEASON IN FRANCHISE HISTORY!!!!!!1111

Go Texans!