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What's Right About Your Houston Texans: Andre Johnson

Here in the blogosphere, we have a tendency to sometimes get a bit negative. It's easy to forget all the good things that we take for granted. To that end, we're going to start a series here at BRB that's aimed at reminding all of us what our Houston Texans have going for them. Amidst all the analysis, we occasionally lose the trees in the forest. Chapter One, Verse One after the jump.

For a team that boasts one winning season in eight (8) years, there's actually a whole lot to love about the Houston Texans. We could start at any number of places, but we're gonna start with perhaps the most underappreciated player on the roster--if not the NFL. He's No. 80 in your program. Andre Lamont Johnson.

Look at those numbers. Then recall that he spent his first four seasons in a Dom Capers/Chris Palmer/Joe Pendry offense. With David Carr throwing to him.

And he does stuff like this every year.

We have the privilege of watching the best wide receiver in the world play every Sunday. Rejoice.