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Jakespeare's Found Poetry: Naw We Gotta Problem

I want cry...

Listen twitter world we know I can't talk r type...

build a bridge and get over it..

ya dig

Y everybody gotta be a human spell check app....

Y cause I'm skinny and fast

Either u love me r love me not.

Dat ant true...

dat shit deeper than dat..


Sweety I'm kids...

U damn rite its like dat..

I ain't ready..

Well women must be grillz...

we put them on when we fill

like being botherd...

Dats a damn shame

I lost my heart n the flood

but I can never let da game

get it!!!


Women put most men on child support

cause they can't be wit dat man


how u tell someone to fallow

and u ain't fallowin

I sleep all damn day I'm goin c the new twilight me and my baby!!!

need a woman dat can cook....

damn it!!


Smile ain't for real..only my mama see it..

Guess wut?...

u pay to watch me play..."smileing"

Do u know how to build bridges?

eveeyday on the fill linbackers

say da gone kill me

Don't save him...he

don't wanna be