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Community Projection: Matt Schaub

We're so close to training camp that I can taste it, BRB. The optimism of the new year is brewing, and it's got me to thinking about how our beloved Texans will perform this year.

Ergo, let's have a contest about it!

Matt Schaub is coming off of the best year of his career, throwing for 4,770 yards and playing all 16 games for the first of what I hope to be many times. Will the injury bug come back again? Will the running game cut into his total? Will he break 5,000 en route to winning enough shootouts to take the Texans to the playoffs? Will he spend all of training camp working on his running game and lead the Texans to a 47-10 victory in the Orange Bowl as the greatest option QB of all-time, then call Vince Young up and ask him why he can't hold his jockstrap? Thats all up to you.

Simply predict Schaub's regular season passing yards, passing touchdowns, and interceptions. I'll list the weighted formula behind the jump so as to not bore you, but the person who is closest to these numbers will receive...something Texans-related as a prize, should they be around after the season to claim it. I can't tell you what the prize will be, both because it would ruin the surprise and because I'm just planning to make it something on sale and random at Amazon for the free shipping, but believe me when I tell you that it will change your life.

I'll try and run an average of what we come up with as well in a few days. If we were a baseball site, here's where I would include a player's CHONE and PECOTA and SIXWORD systems, but to the best of my knowledge, there aren't really any companies doing that for free. Football Outsiders has a projection system, but since I think they are about five more consecutive posts stealing book tidbits away from issuing me a cease and desist, let's not do that. So, on that note, project away!

Oh, and just to clear things up for me. Write "PROJECTION" as the subject of your actual projections. Thanks.

ETA: I'm going to stop accepting entries at midnight CT on Thursday, so I don't have to refer back to this thread since I'm going to be putting everything in a spreadsheet. You have until then.

Real simple here, I'll just dock you a point off for every touchdown and interception you are off, and then an additional point will be docked for every 50 yards passing you are off. Lowest number of points off takes home the...whatever the hell it'll be. First tiebreaker will be whoever was docked less on passing yards, second tiebreaker will be whoever I like most.**

**-since I hate you all, it'll be a coinflip.