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What's Right About Your Houston Texans: DeMeco Ryans

Pop Quiz: Who started at middle linebacker for your Houston Texans in 2005? Answer, and gushing about the current MLB for the Texans, after the jump.

The answer to the question? Technically, no one. The Texans ran a 3-4 in '05 and didn't transition to a 4-3 until Kubiak (and Richard Smith!) rode into town before the 2006 season.

So that pop quiz was completely pointless, huh? How about this: Name the four (4) starting linebackers for the 2005 Houston Texans. I'll list the answer below. Don't inject hCG ingest hCG cheat.




If you answered Shantee Orr, DaShon Polk (ed. note: revised; thanks for the catch, Rivers) Kailee Wong, Morlon Greenwood, and Antwan Peek, give yourself a pat on the back. And stop crying. It demeans us both. Besides, things are infinitely better now in the Land of Linebacking here in H-Town. For many reasons, actually, but it all began with this guy.

Marvel at those statistics. Even better, marvel at the player. Best of all, revel in the notion that Cap'n 'Meco isn't going anywhere for a long, long time, and that he appears to be the increasingly rare athlete who truly, genuinely appreciates "that hard work and patience can pay off."

That's pretty comforting for Texans fans.