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BRBAPALOOZA: August 14, 2010

As proposed here, we're going to have ourselves another BRB Gathering. You probably already have 7 p.m. CST August 14, 2010 blocked on your calendar for the first preseason contest of your Houston Texans' 2010 season, as they'll be in action against the Cardinals of Arizona. How about instead of cursing at your television in the privacy of your own home, you come out to a bar to curse at multiple televisions with like-minded fans here in Houston?

We're not yet ready to announce the venue for this shindig, as it hasn't even opened yet. As soon it does open as scheduled (on August 3rd), we'll bombard you with reminders. This mysterious sports bar is owned and operated by diehard Texans fans and readers of BRB. Even better, we're told they're going to give us some awfully nice specials on drinks and food. No, that doesn't mean free, but it does mean much cheaper than it'd cost you to hang out at other sports bars. Those specials will be announced as soon as the bar is up and running.

Additionally, our friends (and fellow Texans fans) at will be at BRBAPALOOZA. Seeing as how these guys are fans like us, you might be interested to know that until kickoff on September 12th, their site is offering a 100% rebate on purchases from any store in their network if the Houston Texans win the Super Bowl. Given that it's virtually assured that THIS WILL BE THE YEAR EVERYTHING FINALLY COMES TOGETHER IN UNFETTERED BEAUTIFUL PERFECTION, that could be a heckuva deal. Regardless, they'll be around on August 14th to discuss the deal and/or simply to yell at the heavens with us.

Hope to see as many of you as possible there. If you can make it, RSVP in the Comments.