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Jakespeare's Fuh Real Tweet O' Da Last Few Days Dat Make U Say "LMAO Dog!"

Just when you think this feature has gone the way of DGDB&D, Crystal Pepsi, and Tim's dignity, it flares right back up.  It's like herpes, only without the dramatic commercials about protecting your significant other.

After the jump, Jakespeare brings da funk, da noize, and da scatalogical violence.


Context: Someone named @fusband, who has since had his/her Twitter account suspended, wrote: "But den I call black people like the N-word and still talk like dat cuz do it."  So, assuming for a moment at @PnutButterSmack is not the ultimate arbiter of what language is allowable, Jakespeare's anger seems completely justified.  That being said, only our favorite Twitter-based bard would take the figurative "I am going to beat the shit out of you" and turn it into the more literal "I'll beat [you until you] shit."  I like that.

Really, and unlike much (read: 99.995%) of Jakespeare's Twitoetry, his turn of phrase actually makes the meaning more clear than it might have been otherwise.  By turning the phrase on its head like that, JJ has made it clear that he is going to harm this person until he (or she?) lets the shit flow like shit-smelling wine.  That is an impressive beatdown, and wholly warranted by @fusband's racist attitude...straight up.