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Jakespeare's Fuh Real Tweet O' Da Last Few Days Dat Make U Say "LMAO Dog!"

Old golfers play in the Senior PGA.

Old strippers turn to waitressing at Hooters.1

And old bloggers pump out intermittent, formulaic posts.


I literally have no idea what this means.  None.  Not that her question actually made anything more clear contextually, but someone asked him in reply to this tweet, "did you mean to say "doing ham" I am just saying :)!"  Jakespeare replied, "no... just wut I said...."  And then there was no further explanation or reference.

Were I to guess what he was talking about, I would assume that a female (though probably not his actual mama) was in the same kitchen JJ was in and was about to cook some ham.  But, then, that seems far too straight-forward for such a bizarre post from the wordsmith.  Hmm.  Perhaps the whole thing is a food-based euphemism, and he is suggesting that for a certain female ("mama") to hang out with Jakespeare ("in dis kitchen"), she will have to be awesome and delicious and possibly from Virginia ("goin ham").

Then again, maybe he is just a manatee.

1Or, in the case of your mother, whoring.