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In past years, there was a credible threat to Andre Johnson's status as the number one wide receiver off the board. This year, it seems like everyone who could be his equal is dealing with something. Larry Fitzgerald has lost his quarterback, Randy Moss is getting to the age where you lose a step, and despite his off-field distractions this offseason while he angled for a new contract, I'd probably take Reggie Wayne over either of them.



All KC Joyner silliness about Andre aside, I think Miles Austin would probably be my third wide receiver pick. I know Calvin Johnson has more upside, and I know Moss and Fitzgerald are more established, but they simply didn't do as well as Austin did last year. I'd make my Top Four: Andre, Wayne, Roddy White, and Austin, in that order. I even value DeSean Jackson a little higher than Moss, Calvin, and Fitz.

It's a pretty deep pool at receiver this year in my estimation. Vincent Jackson would be higher if not for the suspension, which gives him Brandon Marshall-esque value in that everyone will be avoiding him and you can get him later. Speaking of which, Marshall looks good in Miami to me. Then you've got Sidney Rice, both Steve Smiths, Marques Colston, and Greg Jennings, who is the last guy I would consider "elite". But that should last you a couple of rounds. I'd make sure to grab one of them before the fourth round is up.

I'd avoid the Welker train; I just don't trust the Pats on injuries. As far as sleepers, I think MIchael Crabtree is in for a big year. I also like our very own Jakespeare, Kenny Britt, and Devin Aromashadu to return solid value in the later rounds.

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