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BRBAPALOOZA: Calling An Audible

Remember back when we tentatively said we'd be doing Saturday night's watch party at 360 Sports Lounge? Sadly, 360 will likely not have opened its doors by then (though they are adamant about having BRB back once they are up and running), so we need to find another venue.

If anyone has a suitable bar for us to meet up at on Saturday, August 14th at 7 p.m. CST to watch your Houston Texans scrap, exhibition-style, with the Cardinals of Arizona, let us know in the Comments below. Someplace with drink or food specials would be preferable, but we fully understand short notice may make that a problem.

If necessary, we'll just pick a joint we're familiar with (Nick's Place, Wet Spot, Christian's Tailgate, and/or Lucky's immediately jump to mind) and go with it. If you've got a preference, suggestion, or hook-up, please comment away.