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Open Game Day Thread: Houston v. Arizona

It doesn't hold the glamour of the "real" Week One, but who cares? It's football. Featuring your beloved Houston Texans. Even if the starters only play a series or two, it's immeasurably better than the miserable abyss that has consumed our souls since January 3, 2010.

Most of you know the drill around here when it comes to these live game threads; for those that don't, this post from a year ago should prove informative. Remember: You can join the commenting fray via your mobile device, just as though you were in front of your laptop or desktop, so don't let "I'm Away From My Computer" stop you from sharing your shrieks of joy or mournful bellows of lamentation. All the more reason to come to Cheerz Bar & Grill (2416 Bagby, Houston, TX 77002) in four (4) hours!

It's football time in Houston again, people. Finally.