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I guess the main question I have when it comes to fantasy defenses is wondering where to start drafting them. To me, defenses are not a scenario like kickers where you just ignore them until the last round. The best defenses have enough value to swing a league. Maybe not enough to get drafted in the top six or seven rounds, but enough to be a serious thought from then on out. Here is one man's list of the best fantasy football defenses this year:

I like the Ravens to be the best. I know this isn't much of a statement considering how highly acclaimed and ranked they usually are, but I think as long as it doesn't strike midnight on Ray Lewis' career, they are going to be a dominant defense this year. If the Jets can get Darrelle Revis back into camp, I think they'll be number two. 

If you need a sleeper defense, I'd suggest the Raiders. They could be surprisingly cromulent this year if their linebacking corps can play to its talent. Ugly? How about the Chargers without a nose tackle? From a distance that team looks like a powder keg. And the surprisingly bad? Let's just say I think the citizens of Atlanta will get every penny out of that Dunta Robinson contract.

So to sum up: I like the Ravens defense, because they're pure of heart. The Jets, because they've got something to prove. And the Raiders, because they always cheat.

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So how about you, BRB? How much bleach will you drink if you wind up with the Texans defense in fantasy?

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