A quick word on Ben Tate, or...

...why I often despise traditional media.

So, it looks like much of the media, including ESPN, is jumping on a report that Ben Tate has a broken ankle. And what's the source of this rumor? Why, it's based on first-hand analysis from well-known Houston-area orthopedic surgeon Dr. Pancakes McClain entirely on this statement:

It looks like he suffered a broken ankle and is out for the season.

Wait, what? A reporter thinks Tate has a broken ankle, and it is so?

The reason we at BRB have not posted this trash is that it's trash; we simply aren't going make a breathless post that Tate is out for the season until we have, you know, an actual doctor's opinion. We'll wait until the team makes a statement later this afternoon (Gary Kubiak has a press conference scheduled for 3:30) and wait for the facts.

Can you imagine if a blogger had done this? The traditional media would be calling for an immediate Blogger's Ethics Panel.

And, no, I am not going to post a link.

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