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Post-Game Open Thread: Texans 20, Saints 38

There's no reason to become alarmed, and we hope you enjoy the rest of the season. By the way, is there anyone on the board that knows how to tackle a football player?

[EDIT: 5:46 A.M.: Added some post-game Kubiak quotes, including one that might explain Holliday.]

Stolen from The Mothership:

(on rookie returner Trindon Holliday) "We are trying to find out if he can play with his thumb. We put him back there, and he practiced all week, but obviously it is a problem. If he can't hang on to the ball, we need to find somebody else to do it. He is obviously struggling with the thumb, in fairness to him."

(on the Texans' defensive performance) "Well, it kind of looked like the first three games last year. They ran for 198 yards on us. They controlled the football game by running the ball. They were excellent on third downs. Until the end of the game, they were eight for 13 or 14. They were controlling the game. They had the ball 40 minutes, and we had the ball 20 minutes. In this league, that is called getting after somebody. They got after us. Give them credit; they did a hell of a job."

(on injuries to the Texans) "Danny Clark looks like the biggest one. He has some type of knee strain."

(on the severity of Danny Clark's injury) "No, I don't. I know he is the most significant of anybody that came out of the game. How bad? I don't know."

(on the performance of quarterback Dan Orlovsky) "I think he continues to do some good things. I am hard on quarterbacks. I think you need to do good things all the time, not some of the time. He has got good numbers coming out of the game and everything, but I know there are two or three plays that he has got to make for this team to win. I will get on him to make those plays. I want him to be great. He continues to progress."