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The JWML: Some Came, Some Saw, Some Conquered

Initially, I thought I'd do some instant analysis of the rosters,but I decided that since about half of the league didn't show up and would be busy fixing their rosters, I'd just wait a week. 

The Initial results are here, and the explanation of the league (aka why you won't see anyone purposefully picking Matt Schaub) is here.

Under the cut is my draft (not much of a) strategy, and an explanation of my own picks. Because I'm narcissistic like that. 

1-3) QB Matthew Stafford - Between the fact that he can't complete passes and the fact that he is from Dallas, he was my #1 target for this league from day one. Proud to have him in the fold.

2-10) TE Heath Miller - I am pretty sure he has been the guy fantasy experts get waiver wire questions about every year. Ergo, perfect for this league.

3-3) WR Davone Bess - With Brandon Marshall and Brian Hartline in town, this possession wideout can settle down and not catch any TD's.

4-10) WR Chaz Schilens - I don't think I had ever contemplated Chaz Schilens' existence before today.

5-3) RB Thomas Jones - Old (check), platoon (check), bad training camp (check). He fits all my criteria for a workhorse in this league.

6-10) RB Kevin Faulk - To paraphrase what Evan said during the draft, "I think this is the most bland player of the 2000's". Should manage to qualify and be bad.

7-3) WR Terrell Owens - Banking on old age here. 

8-10) WR Donald Driver - And again.

9-3) WR Laurent Robinson - I actually meant to pick Steve Slaton here, but he went the pick before me because I picked him for the team before me. Yes, has POWERFUL commissioner tools. Maybe too powerful in this case.

10-10) QB Brett Favre - Sleeper pick. I mean, he was terrible for the Jets. I have a feeling he can come back to earth.

11-3) RB Tim Hightower - Should be relegated to third-down back status by the end of October. Feel comfortable with him as a third back.

12-10) K Ryan Succop - I have no idea who this is, but I figured it'd be fun to root for a kicker with a name that combines the terms "suck" and "f**k up".

13-3) QB Dan Orlovsky - Stashing him in case Schaub gets hurt.

14-10) WR Early Doucet - Because I picked him late.

15-3) RB Toby Gerhart - John McClain won't be able to question my team now.

As you can see, not a lot of thought went into this after the first round. And that goes for pretty much the whole league. But it was fun drafting regardless. Here's hoping the guys who didn't show up get to cracking on those rosters.

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