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Trindon Holliday: What To Do?

Back in April, many of us were giddy about the Trindon Holliday pick. One easily excitable kool-aid drinker said at the time:

Trindon Holliday: Love. This. Pick. Furthermore, the only person I can fathom who doesn't dig the addition is Andre Davis, because it likely effectively ends his career with the Texans. Holliday is your new return man, and Apostrophe doesn't contribute enough in the receiving game to warrant the $2,550,000.00 he's scheduled to earn in 2010, salary cap or not. Not only is Holliday going to be fun to watch on special teams; I think there's a chance Kubes devises a package or two where Holliday could make an impact on the offense as well. A sixth-rounder who could have an immediate effect on the 2010 season? I'm legitimately excited about this.

Now, with two preseason games in the books...I'm no longer legitimately excited.

Trindon Holliday just hasn't looked like a guy who will convince Kubes that he's worthy of a roster spot. His prospects at wide receiver were dim to begin with, thanks to the Texans' depth at the position and Holliday's size. Making a 53-man roster as a return specialist is tough enough. Making a 53-man roster as a return specialist with bad hands is even tougher. And making the Texans' 53-man roster with "some type of ligament issue with his thumb" strikes me as virtually impossible. Barring Ebola striking Jacoby Jones, Steve Slaton, David Anderson, and/or Andre Davis down in the next two weeks, I can't see Trindon Holliday being a member of the active roster on September 12th.

To that end, I have a hard time believing that another NFL squad is going to burn a roster spot on Holliday. I suppose the thumb injury could be grounds for stashing Trindon on injured reserve, if the Texans really wanted to do it. More likely, at least to me, is the Texans sending their sixth-round pick to the practice squad with the hope that he overcomes his issues, be they health-related or not, in time to help the Texans later this season or (far more likely) next year.

You're Smithiak. What would you do?