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Does Anyone Really Think Neil Rackers Is Going To Win The Kicking Gig?

I know I don't. For all the hope that Rackers v. Brown would be a legitimate kicking competition, I can't shake the feeling that the hay is in the barn.

Kris Brown is the devil Kubes knows. Kris Brown hasn't looked awful in OTAs or training camp; indeed, an objective observer with no memory of last season might even say Brown looks good. That's nice and all, but isn't Kubes doing the Texans a disservice by not taking 2009 into account as he makes his decision? Because if the kickers are truly as neck-and-neck as reports from camp indicate they are, why wouldn't Brown's struggles last year enter into the equation?

Yet barring a meltdown in the next eleven days that resembles what Brown did during the 2009 season, I think Neil Rackers will be $350,000.00 richer for his time in Houston and ultimately plying his trade somewhere else. Am I alone on this? Or are you of the mind that the fabled kicking competition of 2010 in Houston is already over and done with, notwithstanding Rackers nailing a FG from 52 yards out a few nights ago?