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What To Do About The LB Situation?

It isn't like it's a new question.

Ever since the news in early May of Brian Cushing being suspended for the first four games of the 2010 season for testing positive for hCG came down, this has been quite a common question.

When Darryl Sharpton was drafted out of Miami in the 4th round of the NFL Draft this past April, many were left scratching their heads (except for MDC, who was doing cartwheels). But when the suspension came down on Cushing, many theorized that the team did this because they knew the suspension was coming. Then the team also brought in veteran and former Texan Danny Clark to help fill the void for the first four games.  That's another reason most (including myself) think that Xavier Adibi, who has been given countless opportunities, just doesn't have what it takes to play the position at the pro-level.

Then camp and preseason started, and Coach Kubiak declared that both Adibi and Danny Clark were going to compete for the opportunity to fill the void left by Cushing until Week 5.  However, Adibi has been sidelined with a groin injury and Clark sustained a sprained knee against New Orleans this past Saturday night. After another setback for Adibi, he probably wont play against Dallas this weekend. Clark is listed as day-to-day, but at his age I doubt he is ready to go on Saturday after injuring his knee. This could be the time for Sharpton of Kevin Bentley to step up and make an impression.

Sharpton impressed a lot of people in his debut against Arizona, but was kind of invisible in his second game (which was up to par with the rest of the defense). Bentley, who has been a special teams demon for a couple of seasons in Houston now, isn't even really talked about in this discussion much, at least not that I've heard. With all the injuries, Bentley should see time in the final two preseason games. Darnell Bing, who was never even really thought to have a shot at the final roster, was placed on IR and is done for the year.  That leaves Sharpton to maybe have to grow up real quick.

The solution I am starting to hear a lot is a proposed plan to move Zac Diles back to the strong side and let Sharpton play the weak side. This might be advantageous to Diles, as he was leading the team in tackles from that position in 2008 before a broken leg ended his season. Look, I know how much most of this place isn't a fan of Diles (even if it is just from fear of MDC's wrath), but the coaching staff loves him. Gary Kubiak has even gone so far as to say he is on his way to being an All-Pro linebacker. And Diles HAS played pretty well in the preseason. So MDC's dream of Zac Diles watching from the sideline may have wait for a while longer, especially with all the current injuries.

With the linebacker depth getting really thin really quick, Sharpton at the Will, DeMeco in the middle and Diles at the Sam looks to be the best solution. Unless anyone thinks Isaiah Greenhouse or Will Patterson turn out to be really well-kept secrets.