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Jakespeare's Found Poetry: U Gotta Lotta Skin Showin


Grown ups wuz on point

Flame of da city!!!!

I'm atcha head like fresh blue yankee fited

beats by dre on deck.

O well ..2 rears n a bucket

Dats like askin steve to stand by fire and not expecting to


Back to reality...there goes tragedy

I'm in hiden

ain't no bisket over here...I don't get

Y'all boys know I gotta bugatti engine n me

And ill beat u till u shit...straight up.


man bring y'all homo

A home talk bullshit walk...

I got wut u call next man speed..

I'm waittin on u....u shoulda cam got some crawfish



u do gotta catch up bruh bruh

run track...r get a speed trainer..

Catch up mustard...

Catchy up musterd

Damn yo offical nickname is mustard 

Excuss me sir...u


Nigga any time I'm n that endzone I'm goin c mama

Kill yea self...all yall