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Introduce Yourself (Right On!)

With a new season on the horizon, and optimism the highest it will likely be in all of 2010, traffic is steadily growing here on Battle Red Blog.  This is a request from us for you to register and get involved in the conversation. The majority of most blogs, message boards and other team communities have their fair share of lurkers. That's to be expected. But this is us asking you to not be scurred and let your voice be heard.

Seriously, it takes under a minute to register with SB Nation, and it's free. Sure, you'll open yourself up to possible ridicule or debate, but that's what makes sports great, isn't it? We have some of the most passionate fans I've ever seen around here and we're always looking for a few more.

Don't be afraid of post count or rep or any of that garbage here; that isn't taken into account. Sure, MDC, Rivers and bfd may seem like big grumpy predators, but I assure you that they're just a handful of the sweetest guys you'll ever talk Texans football with. Real teddy take a minute, register and, as Chuck Mosley once said, introduce yourself (Right On!).