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If not for a misstep in Buffalo, we could be talking about whether Owen Daniels deserved to be the pick of the TE litter. Daniels' slide (against the Bills and in fantasy league value) is somewhat of a microcosm of the best tight ends this year. Not only are there a lot of solid ones, but there is the potential of some big bounce-back or breakout years near the end of the list. Which should, in theory, drive the value of the top tight ends down. Who does number one work for? Let's find out after the jump.


Look, I'm sorry, but I just can't buy into this Dallas Clark theocracy. He's a great receiving tight end, but odds are that the Colts receivers will be healthy and they do spread the ball around pretty liberally. If you could guarantee me that Frank Bush's patented no-jam defense would be put on him every game, sure. But I don't think he's worthy of the Top 2 TE spot that everyone seems to have penciled him in for. Give me Antonio Gates first easily; not only is he a great player, but the potential of Vincent Jackson missing a few games should have him being targeted more often then he was last year.

My second tight end would be Jason Witten. I just think he's a more reliable receiving threat and safety screen than the rest of the guys, and considering the amount of pressure Tony Romo may be under, it might be easier to find Witten over the middle than Miles Austin out wide. 

I like Jermichael Finley. I don't know if he's a top three guy, but I do like him to put up great numbers. Chris Cooley and Daniels, coming off injury, should be solid additions if they're healthy and they can be had way later. Brent Celek also gets my stamp of approval, and if you want a really deep sleeper: If Rob Gronkowski is healthy, he's a great receiving tight end in an offense that loves to use multiple tight end sets.

Guys I'm not so high on: Vernon Davis has only done it for one year. Heath Miller is a continual disappointment if you're looking for receptions. With the addition of Mike Martz, I'd be downright scared to own Greg Olsen. He's a receiving tight ends nightmare coach. I'm also not particularly high on Tony Gonzalez.

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So how about you, BRB? Which of the 80 Texans tight ends do you like as a sleeper should Daniels stay down?

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