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Register For A Free Trip To The Super Bowl, If You're So Inclined

On Friday, September 10th, United Way and the NFL are teaming up for "Back to Football Friday" to celebrate the start of the NFL season and to promote youth health and fitness.

To find out more and register, you can go here. United Way is asking fans to show their NFL team pride by wearing their team’s gear and organizing events focused on raising awareness about youth health at their places of work. Those who register are eligible for some great prizes, including a trip to the Super Bowl. Ron Jaworski and Nnamdi Asomugha are among the NFL figures supporting the effort, and you can watch their videos on the site. There’s also a leaderboard that shows how many fans each team has registered; right now, the Cowboys are in the lead.

If you feel like joining the cause, you know what to do. Bob McNair would appreciate it.