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Radio Spam Bam Thank You Ma'am: Rivers Hits 1560

Gentle jerkwads, 

Sorry this comes so quickly as to not allow you to change your plans for the game, but the news came just as quickly to me. I shall be attending the 360 Sports Lounge @ Washington to perform in what is being dubbed "in-game commentary" by 1560's own David Nuño. I have it on good terms that Mssr. Raheel Ramzanali will also be in attendance. You can listen live at your own peril; I've yet to be given a concrete time slot, just assured of the time I need to arrive by. I'll update this post if it gets clearer before I leave.

I will do my best not to embarrass the blog. The worst case scenario is I'm still better than the ABC 13 Twitter, right? Right.

Edit: According to a nasty rumor on the Internet, Rivers will be on at 7:30, so listen in.  Also, purple monkey dishwasher. - bfd