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Post-Game Breakdown: Texans Rally To Beat Redskins On Road

This thing is late enough as it is, so let's get down to business, shall we? I'm aiming for a rather abbreviated PGB this week, considering the magic has already been dissected here and there's another game of some local importance looming on the horizon. Pardon my brevity after the jump.

1. At what point is it fair to start considering Andre Johnson's place among the wide receiver greats in NFL history? Yes, it was his absurd, overtime-forcing catch after returning from injury that made me ponder this, and a single play does not qualify a player as worthy of consideration for inclusion among the all-time greats. With these stats thus far in his career, however, when do we really start the analysis? Year 10? Year 12?

2. How about Phillip Buchanon being the DB who left his assignment and allowed the one-on-one contest between 'Dre and Reed Doughty? It almost made up for P-Buc's "Ole!" moment against the Steelers back in '05.

3. What TDC said. Let us table the "Jacoby Jones Should Be WR2!" talk for a bit.

4. Matt Schaub has 604 passing yards through the first two weeks of the 2010 NFL season. Remember, Schaub had only 107 yards passing going into last Sunday. On a day where he was pressured and beat up all game, that's special.

5. More screens to Arian Foster, please. Especially with Rashad Butler having to line up across from DeMarcus Ware on Sunday.

6. Vonta Leach: Receiving Weapon.

7. No, Kubes, that does not mean we should line Vonta up wide again.

8. Would Owen Daniels, coming off a torn ACL suffered less than a year ago, have made the monster catch that Joel Dreessen did?

9. Really hoping David Anderson is returning kicks on Sunday. Frankly, I was stunned Kubes ran Steve Slaton out there again after his first return. I would've thought a coach who has no problem immediately benching a running back who coughs up the ball might show less patience.

10. If what we've seen through the first two weeks is what Mario Williams is going to do every week, opposing QBs would be wise to start taking a knee on every third and long.

11. Super Mario's jersey sack of Donovan McNabb--as McNabb was backpedaling away from him, and McNabb's not a small dude--was a play that I will not ever forget. Until the dementia kicks in, anyway.

12. Oh, Bernard Pollard. Such a liability in coverage, yet blocking a field goal that I'm not sure anyone else could have gotten to. I curse you. I praise you. I hate myself.

13. Memo to Frank Bush: A bend-don't-break defense does not work when your secondary repeatedly breaks. When Joey Galloway and Mike Sellers are wrecking shop, something's amiss.

14. Had Graham Gano not shanked that overtime FG attempt (after nailing it pre-icing, no less), Kubiak's decision to punt from the WAS 39 (after taking a delay of game penalty, no less) in OT would have surpassed the Chris Brown halfback pass of '09 as the single stupidest in-game decision in franchise history. Punting is not an option there. Don't think Neil Rackers has the leg to hit that FG? Fine. Go for it on 4th and 4 then. McNabb & Co. had shredded the Texans' defense for the vast majority of the game. How can you give them the ball back WHEN IT'S SUDDEN DEATH? I'm not ashamed to say that I completely lost it when the Texans punted there. I'm fairly certain that I invented new profanity. Even thinking about it now, knowing that it all worked out in the end, I get angry. Moving on...

15. Fake Game Balls: Offense--Andre Johnson; Defense--Mario Williams; Special Teams--Neil Rackers (because a game-winning FG is a game-winning FG).

2-0. With an 0-2 Dallas Cowboys squad coming to Reliant. While I'd rather our beloved Texans had their starting SLB and LT for the contest, far be it for me to detract from the spectacle. Onward.

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