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Luv Ya Steel Blue - Episode #6: Andre Floats Like a Butterfly, Stings Like a Bee!

In this weeks edition of Luv Ya Steel Blue, I am joined by Chris from Houston Diehards to discuss the overtime thriller with the Redskins, the suspension of Duane Brown and a preview of this weekend’s game against the Dallas Cowboys.


You can listen to the new episode by clicking here.

Like I said in the post-game thread, I had fully intended to use this picture for this episode, so I am sticking with it. In case you missed it, it got Battle Red Blog a mention by Nick Scurfield over at the mother ship.

Many thanks to Chris for coming on the show with me and thanks as always for listening. Apologies for my voice, I'm fighting off a cold. It's tough, but as Coach Kubiak would say: I'm battlin'.