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Post-Game Open Thread: Texans Flop, Get Smacked Around By Dallas

Mario had no idea a game was taking place today.
Mario had no idea a game was taking place today.

I shouldn't be surprised that the Texans lost today. They faced a desperate team that was looking for a win to save their season. However, I am surprised at how the Texans lost this game.

Missed tackles? Check.
Cover-2 Zone coverage exploited? Check.
No pass rush? Check.
Allowing multiple sacks? Check.
Poor 3rd down decision making by Matt Schaub? Check.
Bad play-calling on 3rd down and in the Red Zone? Check and Check.
Arian Foster not getting the ball enough? Check.
Penalties to stall drives? Check.
Turnovers? Check.

Add it all up and you get a description of the Texans on the third Sunday of the season: A gutless, uninspired performance that lacked the heart of the team which had a huge comeback the previous week.

I suppose I could look for some silver lining here, but the fact is that the Texans simply lost a game, at home no less, that they could have won. Houston and Dallas went back and forth handing this game to the other until Dallas finally decided that they would take the win. When Houston realized that an actual NFL football game was taking place, Dallas had a two-score lead, and the game was well in hand.

Vent your frustration, leave your sadness, and use this thread for a post-game cleansing on all things that went wrong today.

Thankfully, Oakland's on the schedule next so we can get back on track quickly...maybe.