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Battle Red Radio, bfd on KROD, and Train Wrecks

So, the question before you is:  Which will be the bigger disaster?  The Texans loss to the Cowboys on Sunday?  Or me hosting this week's installment of Battle Red Radio instead of your normal humble host, DisplacedTexan?  Join me after the jump for the scoop!

In addition to Battle Red Radio (details below), I'll be on Slapshot KROD with my good friend, and our fantasy baseball league's fourth place "winner," Steve Kaplowitz.  I go on at 6PM 7PM CDT, and it's brought to you by Village Inn, which has pie.  And we all love pie, since some people are so damn selfish with the cake.  But if you think one earful of bfd is enough, you couldn't be more wrong!

Battle Red Radio:

Who: I'll be hosting, which means tonight's show should be especially disastrous.  Though, as DisplacedTexan told me, the only true skill to hosting Battle Red Radio is the ability to disconnect Tim.  I can do that.

Where: Try this.  Otherwise, check the link below.

What: Another comical attempt at radio type stuff, now with 100% more incompetence!

When:  Today.  TUESDAY SEPTEMBER 28 @ 9:00pm CST

Why:  Because I'm about 105% sure to be hammered, and I'll be the most sober of the group.  Also, Eugene Wilson.  Mickey Mouse will hopefully make an appearance to discuss those disturbing rumors regarding Pluto and his hatred of Frank Bush.

We won't be taking calls because I'm not sure I'll be able to figure it out, but leave questions here, and I'll try to monitor during this, the maiden voyage of the HMSBFD Titanic.

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