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Introduce Yourself: Hi, I'm bfd, and My Turn-Ons Are...

With the Texans bandwagon in full gear second gear, I thought it'd be a great time for a new round of, "Hey, newbies, come introduce yourselves!"  If you've been lurking, if you've been shy, or you've just discovered this Texans-gasm of the blogosphere, chime in and tell us about you.  I'll tell you a little about me after the jump.

I go by the handle bigfatdrunk, or bfd, a nym which I've used on this series of tubes for nearly 20 years.  At this point, though, it should be amended to include bald.  Anyway, I grew up an absolutely die-hard Houston Oilers fan, going to nearly every home game from 1975 to 1984.  Yes, that makes me old.  This is my fourth year blogging about your Houston Texans, and it's my second year here at BRB as Blogger Emeritus, which essentially means I'm old and worthless.  I think.  Mostly, though, I'm starting up my own company in the financial services industry, and I work way, way too much to be considered healthy.  I have a wife of 15 years and two kids, 4 and 7 years old, and reside in Austin.

My turn-ons are football, baseball, The University of Texas at Austin, Andre Johnson, watching Shake get pissed whenever an announcer confuses end-arounds and reverses, and good beer.  My turn-offs are horrible announcers, anything remotely attached to the City of Dallas, Beelzebud, the Comicle, cheap and crappy beer, and pants.  Pants suck.

You'll also that we use a lot of slang here at BRB, so if you've got any questions, here's our glossary.  Now, tell us all about you.

Edit: Also, if you've been around a bit but haven't introduced yourself to the crowd, please feel free to do so!