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Matt Leinart Is A Houston Texan; I Am Confused

As Rivers' FanShot proclaims, Matt Leinart is now a member of your Houston Texans. I don't understand this move. Dan Orlovsky has not inspired any confidence that he can step in for Matt Schaub if Schaub goes down, but Leinart doesn't make me feel any better about the QB depth. Indeed, as many have noted, if Schaub goes down, the season is lost.  Orlovsky, Leinart, Bradlee Van Pelt, Alex Brink, Marty Cherry...if any of those guys have to play meaningful snaps, WE ARE SCREWED.  SCREWED, I TELLS YA!

Another thought for you on this, Matt Leinart Day...would have been a completely insane notion in 2006, but it's not a totally unfair question now: Is Matt Leinart a superior NFL QB than John David Booty?  Given the evidence, you can't just laugh off that query, can you?  Seriously, how does the addition of Leinart make the Houston Texans better? Or is this simply another case of Gary Kubiak, QB Guru, thinking he can fix another QB?

Because that logic was proven inherently sound by Kubes' work with David Carr, right? And Dan Orlovsky, for that matter?

As it stands now, it would appear that Schaub is QB1, Orlovsky remains QB2, and Leinart is your emergency QB/QB3. Convince me that bringing Matt Leinart on board the Good Ship Houston Texan makes sense, please. I want to believe.