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"Live From The Yellow Lot" - Episode 1: Preseason 2010

By now, it's no secret that I love tailgating. It's also no secret that tailgating has become quite the event at Reliant Stadium in Houston, Texas.

Last year, Scott Bowen of Forbes Traveler named Reliant Stadium the #1 tailgating venue in America. The result was that this has brought on a whole new wave of tailgaters to the stadium. From when the gates open (4 hours before kickoff) and for a good while after the game (usually two hours after a loss and three hours after a win. But it varies), you'll find no shortage of tailgaters in all of the lots around the perimeter of the Stadium. Sometimes, the games can let us down unfortunately. But if you can stand the Houston humidity, Tailgating never has and never will.

So, I decided that this season I would try to chronicle some of the happenings at a Texans tailgate. Yes, between the food, entertainment and shotgunning beers, I will be attempting to catch some of the greatest hits on video. The goal of the program is to not only capture the above mentioned events on tape, but to also get pregame and postgame reactions from the Texans faithful. There won't be too much of action within the stadium, as this is solely about the tailgating experience outside of the stadium. However, sometimes the best fan reactions are on the way out of the stadium. So there may be an appearance or two within the walls of Reliant.

I am primarily in the Yellow Lot, hence the show name, but I do visit the other lots. As far as venues outside of the Yellow Lot, I only made it over to Blue in the preseason (trying to find Tim and LoneSpot's place) but I will probably visit others as the season goes on. List your location and your tailgate name (if you have one) in the comments (or hit up my Twitter) and I'll try to come by and get you guys on record.

But the ultimate goal of the program is to get more of you guys out to Reliant and have a beer with us and talk some football. With that said, enjoy the debut episode of "Live From The Yellow Lot" chronicling the events (in two parts) of the 2010 preseason below.

Just an FYI, there are a few "colorful" words in there. Not that anyone here would be offended or anything. I'm just saying in case you are watching at work or around kids. It isn't too bad (I'd say PG-13), but one of the results that you get when you have a bunch of Texans fans drinking beer and talking about football is the language. But, as I said, no one here will probably be offended.

Enjoy! And we hope to see you out there this Sunday!

Part 1:

Part 2: