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Bleach Social: Where Are You Watching Texans-Colts Sunday?

From time to time, a FanPost springs up asking where Texans fans in a certain city or part of town are watching the game each week. In the interest of creating a central spot on BRB to handle those sorts of requests, feel free to coordinate and/or share your game-watching plans in the Comments below. If this post proves helpful, we'll make this "Bleach Social" a weekly feature.

Looking to see where your fellow Katy residents are watching the Texans on Sunday? New sports bar opening on Washington we should know about? Got a good spot in Austin staked out and want to let Texans fans know? Going to be in New York for the weekend and need to find a substitute venue? Care to share the location of an illicit opium den with a projection screen and Sunday Ticket in Bangkok? Pose those queries, or dispense valuable knowledge, here. ONLY THREE MORE DAYS, PEOPLE!