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Opening Night Open Thread

Ladies, gentlemen, and the Gilligan's Island-esque castaways,

Unless you root for The University of Texas Longhorns (and especially if you root for ou, SMU, or the Sand Aggies), tonight is your first real football action of the year. Yes, it seems like we've waited days, maybe even months, for this momentous occasion. Though we're still a couple of days from the fourteenth "Biggest Game in Houston Texans History (c) TM," this football still counts. And, yes, I'm hard up enough to watch.

Tonight's action brings us the defending Super Bowl Champion New Orleans Saints, who are fresh several months off their whipping of the lowly losing team who nobody actually remembers because who gives a crap, really, facing off against the Minnesota Farving Favres and their head coach, Favre Favre.

Pass me a beer, because this time, IT COUNTS! And I like beer. Hell, even if this were curling, I'd still want a beer. Don't judge me.