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We are officially able to crown the biggest loser! Follow the jump and be enlightened as to the winner of the official fantasy league of Battle Red Blog, The Jonathan Wells Memorial League. Or just click that link.  Either way, I have more post to write.

Michael Vick has been a clutch quarterback all year for the Philadelphia Eagles. This week, he was a clutch quarterback for Shake's 11 Tight-End Set. Faced with a 63-point chasm that separated him from Jordann's Sage Rosenfels Starting QB, Vick engineered a 102 point stinkbomb against the Vikings, culminating in two precious lost fumbles. Jonathan Stewart tried hard to get Jordann to the top,, with 71 mediocre yards and zero touchdowns as he desperately tried to get past the Steelers' front seven. Congratulations are in order for Shake, whose prize for winning the league will be the same satisfaction that one gets out of being a Texans fan:  None!

Yours truly was eliminated in the first round by Shake after an 8-5 regular season. We managed to get seven teams that actually qualified by being good, and then one 5-8 sacrificial lamb. Kind of like the real NFL with the NFC West champion. When you have that many good teams, someone has to bring up the rear, and it is with honor that I hug the Andre Johnson Medal around the neck of nolander. 

Nollie managed something I've very rarely seen in a fantasy season:  He went 0-13 despite trying to win in every game. He didn't show up for the draft, but he was extremely active in free agency trying to find players just as bad as the rest of us had. It just didn't work out for him this year. Perhaps he's too much of a winner, perhaps the rest of us are just too good at being losers, but either way it was a hell of an achievement.

Kudos, league. Perhaps we will do it again sometime. is an SB Nation partner and paying sponsor of the SB Nation football communities.

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