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Three And Out (New Year's Edition): Useless Predictions For Sunday's Game

First and foremost, I hope you and yours celebrated the arrival of 2011 in a fashion that floated your boat--whether it was partying, relaxing, and/or punching another hole in the wall as you remembered that your Houston Texans are 5-10. 

The arrival of a new year can mean only one thing for Texans fans: The end of meaningful football for eight (8) months. Heaven forbid the boys in battle red, steel blue, and liberty white ever decide they'll play past the first weekend of January. Maybe the lack of postseason play is a good thing; at this point, I imagine I'd greet the reality of a Texans playoff game much like the villains did after opening the ark, and that could be problematic.

After the jump, we embark upon the last edition of "Three And Out" for the 2010 season.  Look on the bright side:  After today, I won't be able to predict the Texans lose another game for several months.

1. The Jaguars come to town tomorrow with a shot at the AFC South crown on the line, but they're going to have to do it without David Garrard and Maurice Jones-Drew. Unfortunately, the Jags are still assured of having success through the air, under the infallible "Quarterback Not Named Rusty Smith Theory." I will, however, boldly predict that Trent Edwards throws a pick. To Glover Quin. It will serve no purpose except to remind us of The Q-Tip.

2. No Andre Johnson tomorrow means another big game for Jacoby Jones (I'll peg it at a five catch, 87 yard, 1 TD effort), which in turn means additional evidence for a wide-receiver-needy team to justify overpaying Jakespeare in the offseason. If anyone wishes to make a case for retaining the services of The Bard of Lane College, make your case in the Comments.

3. The Texans will announce that the game is a sellout, but Reliant Stadium will be less full than it's been at any point since 2005. If there are 40,000 people there tomorrow, I'll be stunned. Texans Football: It's faaaaaaaaaaantastic!

PUT YOUR NAME ON IT: A good argument can be made that the most beneficial thing the Texans can do tomorrow is lose, in order to enhance their draft position. Granted, better draft position also means larger amounts of guaranteed money for draftees, and that's not generally a good thing. Personally, I'd rather the Texans have the greatest ability possible to be able to draft the player I we they want, so a loss tomorrow, in a season that's been chock full of 'em, wouldn't be the end of the world in my eyes. And yet, because I'd be content with a loss, I am certain the Texans will take this opportunity to win. Jaguars 24, Texans 27.

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