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Texans Down 'N Dirty: Sign of Things To Come Edition

The uncertainty surrounding the Texans' end of the regular season and the time immediately following wasn't fun for fans but it did do one beneficial thing; it kept us entertained.  The possible coaching change, the lack of said coaching change and the hiring of a defensive coordinator has at least kept us busy with plenty to discuss.  Today is the first day that the lack of fresh news has started to rear its ugly head, and it was hard to scrounge links for the DND post.  If this offseason is going to be like the others, this is just the beginning.  Find out what I did find after the jump.

Author's Note:  I forgot this link before but I had to throw it in as a late addition.  It has nothing to do with the Texans, but Lance Zierlein did his best impression of Bart Scott during an interview after a victory, and it's definitely worth the listen.

The Cowboys and the Texans might make a coaching swap, with linebackers coach Reggie Herring coming to Houston and Bruce Matthews going to Dallas as an assistant offensive line coach.  John McClain discusses why the Texans need to retain Matthews.

Another thing that has kept the Texans in the news is the string of awards and attention that Arian Foster has received for his breakout season.  Yesterday, Foster received All-NFL team honors as well as the Most Improved Player award.  Pay the man, Rick.

When there's nothing else to discuss, the secondary can always get beat some more (I would not be opposed to literal beating).  Our very own bfd discussed how bad the secondary was, and what can be done for next season.

The first offseason exhibition for potential draftees kicked off yesterday in Orlando for the East West Shrine Game.  Practice was brought indoors to a hotel ballroom (no kidding) yesterday because of rain, but that didn't stop Wes Bunting from getting a jump on evaluating some of the players.

Alan Burge points out that Texas A&M OLB Von Miller is a trendy pick for the Texans in early mock drafts so far.  I have a post coming out later this morning on the subject so I won't get too into it here, but as a teaser I will say this -- I don't like it.