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Texans Down 'N Dirty: It's The Little Things Edition

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Football couldn't be more American if it tried.  It's a violent sport that pits two opponents against each other, and as opposed to other sports with marathon regular seasons or a bloated number of teams that make the playoffs, every game is a must-win.  Its popularity is unsurpassed not only by previous marks for football but any other sport as well.  That may change soon though, as millionaires squabble with billionaires. 

We all wait for big news.  While this year is the first year that we hope that big news is about a new collective bargaining agreement, other offseasons see us hoping for big news just the same but about other topics.  Marquee free agents.  First round draft picks.  Sexy coaching hires.  Often times, however, it's the little things that make football teams successful or unsuccessful.  Check out the daily links after the jump for a few of those possibly significant little things.

Patrick from the Texans Tribune contends that a bunch of little things snake-bit the 2010 Texans season.  While I agree that there was definitely some bad luck at play, it's far too kind to reduce what we all just saw for 16 games to a string of injuries.  I'm sure it didn't help though.

John McClain weighs in on what happened last season, and why there are correlations between fixing the run game last offseason and fixing the defense this offseason.  Here's a little gem for you:

Looking back, the Texans should have franchised Dunta Robinson again.  With him, they surrendered 19 touchdown passes.  Without him, they allowed 33.

You've just been McClained.

Diehard Chris broke down the most ridiculous Texans notions of the week in a recurring feature that I think is great.  He also touches on the Dunta subject, and while he agrees it may have been a good idea to franchise him, he doesn't use rationale that is worthy of Bleacher Report.

Just in time to put a bow on the whole Robinson issue, Rivers McCown tells the Falcons fan base that we tried to warn them about Dunta.  I personally don't think Robinson was even worth the headache or the eight figure, one year salary that would have come with franchising him again.  I have a couple of friends who are Atlanta fans that wish the Texans had though.

If you're more concerned with players that did actually stay on the roster, bfd continues his series on the defensive position groups with the linebackers.  His post made twice yesterday that I had to look at the picture of DeMeco Ryans getting carted off after his Achilles injury.  Thanks, guys.

Scott Robinson analyzes a bunch of little signs and wonders whether Bob McNair really wants a 2011 season.  While I believe there is some validity to his concerns, to say that McNair doesn't want a season because of a little conjecture from Peter King is kind of silly.

I saved the biggest little thing for last.  The beloved Tennessee Titans are in danger of losing defensive line coach Jim Washburn to the Eagles.  Jim Wyatt of the Tennessean does a great job detailing why this would be so devastating to the Titans and thusly so amazing for the Texans.  Have fun fading back to obscurity, Jason Babin.  Hope you enjoyed your one good season.