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Battlefight: Haloti Ngata vs. Nnamdi Asomugha

We're going to jump quickly so Rivers' awesomeness below can stay high atop the site. One, two, three, jump!

During one of the Open Game threads recently, and after I professed my love for Haloti Ngata (#nosetacklelust), Rivers brought up a great point. Would you rather sign Ngata and a lesser CB? Or would you prefer to sign Nnamdi Asomugha (aka Scrabble) and draft a DT/NT? There's also the possibility the Texans would be able to sign a DT/NT instead of relying on drafting a player, but this is where the scenario gets a little sticky.

Scrabble was granted free agency because the Raiders were unwilling to pay him a minimum of $16.8MM. It is feasible a team will be willing to match that number, but even at around $13MM, Scrabble will be one expensive cookie. Basing this on pure speculation, I see Ngata closer to the $10MM range. Albert Haynesworth's contract was for 7 years, $100MM, but that was given to him by crazy Daniel Snyder.

I'm going to add just one more thing. For the 2011 season, Ngata will be 27 while Scrabble will be 30.

There's a poll below, but tell us what you think (and please be respectful to one another, mmmm-kay?).