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Sunday Morning Bloody Mary: Texans Injuries/Inactives

Andre Johnson? Out.

Maurice Jones-Drew? Out.

David Garrard? Out.

This should be a riveting game, with Trent Edwards and Jacoby Jones involved to the maximum extent of the law. Darryl Sharpton has been IR'ed, which means we get to see those rare 60 minutes of Xavier Adibi before he hurts himself again. Sherrick McManis is also out, which means...well, nothing really. Garrett Graham is doubtful, which just means the same three tight ends you're used to seeing at this point.

For the Jaguars, Justin Durant is out with a groin injury, and tormenter/tight end Zach Miller is out with a concussion. This should trigger a whole new wave of Jaguars players who have inexplicable success against the Texans defense. Watch out for Zach Potter! Safety Courtney Greene is questionable. If he can't go, Sean Considine will bring considerable scrap to the club. 

There you have it.  It's been a blast doing these all season. Remember that even in the New Year, you are obligated to ENJOY WITH ABSOLUT RESPONSIBILITY®

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