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The Texans' 2011 Draft Pick

When I started writing for BRB, the tag line was "Looking forward to a time when April isn't the highlight of the season." Unfortunately, this April will again be the most meaningful moment after the regular season for Texans fans, unless Bob McNair shocks us all.

By my calculations, we'll have either ten or eleven teams draft ahead of us, depending on what happens tonight with the Rams and the Seahawks. Follow the jump to find which number you'll have to look for in the millions of mock drafts that you'll see in the next few months.

Here is the order if St. Louis loses:

1. Carolina Panthers(2-14)

2. Denver Broncos (4-12)

3. Buffalo Bills (4-12)

4.Cincinnati Bengals (4-12)

5. Arizona Cardinals (5-11)

6. Cleveland Browns (5-11)

7. San Francisco 49ers (6-10)

8. Tennessee Titans (6-10)

9. Dallas Cowboys (6-10)

10.Washington Redskins (6-10)

11. Houston Texans (6-10)

12. Minnesota Vikings (6-10)

13. Detroit Lions (6-10)

If St. Louis manages to come back and win the game, it will be the same order up until the 8th pick which would belong to Seattle and everyone after would slide down a spot. Feel free to use the comments section below to start prognosticating about that 11th or 12 overall selection. As Texans fans, that's all we've got on our calenders in January.