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Checking The Pulse: It's January 19th, Who's Your First Round Pick?

Yes, it's absurdly early, but the measuring stick has to begin somewhere.

Over on SB Nation Houston, I've been running the on-going draft thread with a lot of Texans draft goodness. I've been building toward that elusive first mock draft, but, before I do, I want to gauge the fan vibe at this moment. Call it synergy, call it TDC putting something out so Tim doesn't take away the office keys, but it's a pretty big question for the off-season.

This isn't about who you think the Houston front office will take, but who you realistically want in the first round of the 2011 NFL Draft.

There's a poll with a lot of options (since we're at the beginning of the Draft season). Let the comments bear witness to your genius pick and why. Let's see where everyone's hopes are at in the first round.