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Texans Down 'N Dirty: One Man's Trash Edition

Senior Bowl week is in full swing. It's a good thing too because there is NOTHING going in the world of the Houston Texans. I can only imagine how fun it is going to be to scrounge up links for this post next week, but I'll worry about that when it gets here. For right now, we've got the Senior Bowl to focus on, which has plenty of media scrutiny, but with all of that scrutiny comes variation. All this week, writers are just judging for themselves how players are preforming, and you get a lot of differences of opinion. Follow the jump to see the various links and my take on the proceedings yesterday.

Need proof that there is nothing going on Texans-centric? John McClain wrote yesterday that the Texans will likely use most of their draft to concentrate on defense, and Von Miller is a front runner for the eleventh pick. That's it for the mainstream media for the Texans as far as I can tell.

Lance Zierlein is the only Texans specific writer that I know of in Mobile, and here is his Day Two Report.

Patrick at the Texans Tribune also wrote a report from the Texans view point: North - South.

Here are some other prominent reports from yesterday:

Wes Bunting/National Football Post: North - South.

Tony Pauline/Draft Insider: North - South.

Joe Everett/NFL Draft Bible: North - South.

Shane Hallam/Draft Countdown: North - South.

Rob Rang/CBS Sports Draft: South - South Part 2.

Cal DE/DT Cam Jordan seemed to be the unanimous star of the day, and the adjective "unblockable" was used as a descriptive several times. Phil Taylor had another solid day, with minor complaints about getting high, and Stanford DT Sione Fua had a good day, but there are disagreements whether he's a NT or five technique in a 3-4 scheme. Purdue DE/OLB Ryan Kerrigan received mixed to negative reviews, and Oklahoma DE/OLB Jeremy Beal had a rough day.

Sorry for the short piece today, but real life has gotten in the way. I should have another draft-centric article up either later in the day or tomorrow.